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2017 Program

Monday, October 16
3:00-4:30pm Attendees will tour Albina Yard, a 16,000 sf mass timber mixed-use project located in North Portland. Albina Yard is the first project in the United States to use domestically fabricated CLT for a building-wide structural system, paving the way for broader market adoption of renewable mass timber construction technologies in Portland, Oregon and the U.S. The tour concludes with an informational exhibit on Framework, a 12 story mixed-use building slated to become the first mass timber high-rise in the U.S.
Led by: Thomas Robinson | Founding Principal, Lever Architecture
3:30-4:30pm Go Forth EV Showcase is America's first electric vehicle showroom, the Go Forth Electric Showcase features some of the most exciting electric cars, bikes and charging stations on the market today. Come by to test drive some of the newest and most exciting electric vehicles on the market. The showcase is conveniently located by the Blue line Max stop, on electric avenue at SW 1st and SW Salmon. There is metered parking and charging stations on the street. Attendees can meet in front of the showcase at 3:30 pm.
4:00-5:00pm The Redd on Salmon Street is a new Ecotrust development located in the heart of Portland's historic Central Eastside designed to support local food enterprises, connect chefs, foodservice directors and entrepreneurs to independent farmers, ranchers and fishers in the region, and help scale a robust, regional food economy across the Pacific Northwest. The 20 minute Redd tour will begin at the B-line roll up door on the corner of 7th and Salmon to highlight key functions and concepts of the Redd West building (office, kitchen production, and warehousing space), and conclude with a visit to the Redd East building for a 10 min Q&A session.
(two 30 min tours, one at 4:00 & 4:30pm)
Tuesday, October 17
Equity & Social Justice Climate & Energy Employee Engagement
Creating some of Portland's iconic brands take innovation and imagination -- but it also takes energy. Hear from company leaders how they're thinking about energy efficiency as a key ingredient of their success.
Susan Jowaiszas | Senior Marketing Manager, Energy Trust of Oregon
Local leadership on climate is more important now than ever. In GoGreen's tenth year, now is the perfect time to celebrate our community's victories and double down on our strengths. It's also a crucial time to take an unfiltered look at our greatest needs and opportunities. This session brings together some of the region's foremost sustainability leaders to give us their no holds barred perspective and mobilize our green business community.
Moderator: Kimberly Branam | Executive Director, Prosper Portland
Marcelo Bonta | Philanthropy Northwest Momentum Fellow, Meyer Memorial Trust
Nolan Lienhart | Principal and Director of Planning & Urban Design, ZGF
Skip Newberry | President and CEO, Technology Association of Oregon
Lisa Sedlar | Founder and CEO, Green Zebra Grocery
Networking Break
Join us for this collaborative storytelling session presented by Travel Portland and the Portland Development Commission's Mercatus Collective. As the demographics of our region shift, community is the backbone of a good business environment. Learn from this leading group of ethnically diverse entrepreneurs in a variety of business sectors, showcasing their commitment to resiliency and a sustainable future.
Moderator: Tamara Kennedy | Vice President of Diversity and Community Relations, Travel Portland
Bertony Faustin | Owner/Winemaker, Abby Creek Winery
Michelle Sanders | Founder, Attic Journals
Jaime Soltero Jr. | Founder, Tamale Boy
Learn from business innovators who have been effective on driving leadership on climate action in their organization. Discover steps taken at Cathay Pacific to reduce their carbon footprint and cut pollution; how Portland Roasting Coffee's waste heat to power system that recycles the heat byproduct from their roasting process and produces up to 100KW of energy - 25% more electricity than they require at peak usage. Explore material innovation with Adidas and their program to recycle ocean plastic contributing to ocean toxicity and pollution and using it in running shoes and soccer jerseys. Gain insight into Daimler Trucks North America one of a kind Smart Truck in addition to their new LEED certified headquarters building in Portland. Find out how you can replicate these climate actions and more across industries in any sized business.
Moderator: Mark Stell | Founder and Managing Partner, Portland Roasting Coffee
Philippe Lacamp | Senior Vice President, Americas, Cathay Pacific Airways
When you start asking, "How many times do I have to tell them to do this?!" it's time for a new approach. More information isn't the answer. But there are other -- proven -- ways to motivate: Reduce hassle, simplify the message, tell them what's in it for them. In this workshop session, you'll learn about key concepts from the behavioral sciences, including how and why they work. You'll practice applying them to your own work, and walk away with new ideas for getting the results you want.
Moderator: Lindsey Maser | Business Sustainability Advisor, Sustainability at Work

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Lunch & Networking
Through the principles of community economic development and placemaking, we'll share the evolution of a collaborative farm project- Unity Farm's dynamic partnership between MudBone Grown and Oregon Food Bank- and examine the emergence of a post-industrial food system at The Redd on Salmon Street - one that is prosperous, nutritious, equitable, restorative and delicious. We will explore the role of small black-led agricultural enterprises and how reclaiming urban spaces in the face of gentrification can foster community development. See how these projects are a catalyst for designing a robust regional food system that provides financial, social and environmental benefits to the same communities who depend on these systems for food. Together we are catalyzing the thought leadership on food system reform and building cross-cultural spaces where the synergy of knowledge sharing, skill building, growing and healing take place as we recognizes that local agriculture is critical to a strong economy for communities that have historically had marginal benefit in the local food system.
Moderator: Emma Sharer | Redd Operations Manager, Ecotrust
Shantae Johnson | Co-Founder and Owner, MudBone Grown
Julie Sullivan | Owner and Co-Founder, Ground Up PDX
Many organizational initiatives never realize their full potential because cultural factors are not factored into the implementation process. Lean is often misunderstood as simply a set of tools for improved workflow. However, Lean is first and foremost an employee engagement program that requires a deeper embrace and integration into the organization's culture. A key cultural characteristic often lacking is true collaboration--collaboration across departments and between management and employees. Drawing upon science-based best practices, this workshop aims to help participants understand the general concept of organizational culture, see organizational culture more clearly, understand practices for creating a stronger culture of collaboration, and practice personal skills to be a better collaborator.
Moderator: David E. Hall, Ph.D. | Systems Psychologist, Portland State University
Matt Horvat | Founder, Lean Portland
Brion Hurley | Principal Lean Consultant, Rockwell Collins
Kjell van Zoen | Lean Business Consultant, vanZoen LLC

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Networking Break
The terms Diversity and Inclusion have become quite cliché in today's work environment. In our session we will redefine what diversity and inclusion in the workplace mean, challenge the authenticity of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, and start addressing how to change the status quo- because it's not working.
Moderator: Serilda Summers-McGee | Owner, Workplace Change

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Explore how change makers in Oregon are pioneering tallwood construction as a form of design that catalyzes a new wood products economy in the United States, connects rural and urban expertise to create new jobs in rural Oregon, and taps a local renewable resource for a meaningful low carbon building solution.
Anyeley Hallova | Partner, project ^
Thomas Robinson | Founding Principal, Lever Architecture
Kat Taylor | CEO, Beneficial State Bank
No business or individual is immune to waste and inefficiency. Waste can be spotted across all business sectors and industries, in physical workspaces, during customer interactions, on the production line, inventory management, in the back office, and in individual workflow practices. To offset and better manage waste, lean process improvement initiatives have gained popularity. The focus of such initiatives are to reduce non-value added activities (i.e. anything the customer is not willing to pay for) while improving efficiencies and overall product and service quality. Removing these wastes allow you and your organization to save money, and spend more time on value-added tasks, which helps grow your business. The goal is not to make people work harder and faster, but to make the processes easier and more effective.
Moderator: David E. Hall, Ph.D. | Systems Psychologist, Portland State University
Matt Horvat | Founder, Lean Portland
Brion Hurley | Principal Lean Consultant, Rockwell Collins
Kjell van Zoen | Lean Business Consultant, vanZoen LLC

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Networking Break
Ted Wheeler | Mayor, City of Portland, Oregon
At our 10-year anniversary celebration of GoGreen Conference, we are proud to recognize business leadership and innovative partnerships to advance equity in our region. Featured Leader Finalists were selected from submissions from our community of stories from regional organizations that exemplify leadership in the areas of equity and diversity in recruitment and hiring practices, retention and workplace culture, leadership structure, contracting and procurement, community engagement, and B to B initiatives. Join us to celebrate the tremendous work of our selected regional leaders around equity!
Introduction: Ted Wheeler | Mayor, City of Portland, Oregon
Ryan Buchanan | CEO, eROI; Founder, Emerging Leaders
Mari Watanabe | Executive Director, Partners in Diversity

Thank You 2017 Judges
Tastonga Davis | Deputy Director, Micro Enterprise Services of Oregon
Mary Moerlins | Community Affairs and Environmental Programs Manager, NW Natural
Thuy Tu | Principal and Founder, Thuy Tu Consulting, LLC
 Hosted Networking Reception - 10 Year Celebration

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