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GoGreen Conference Portland

2014 Program Theme and Outline

The Rise of the Commons: Investing in a Socially Sustainable Community

To ensure our region's economic resilience we must invest in a socially sustainable community — one that offers equity, diversity and growth to advance today's community members and creates opportunities for tomorrow's generation. The 7th annual GoGreen Portland conference brings together private and public sector leaders to share their work on the key components of a framework for a socially sustainable community. Our experts will discuss social equity advocacy, the development of new economic models, competitive city strategies, behavioral change, new innovations and corporate responsibility. GoGreen creates a platform for attendees to engage in interactive, peer-to-peer and solution-based learning to generate practical solutions to our region's most pressing challenges.


  • The State of The Sharing Economy: New Power of Buying
  • Smart Strategies for Enhancing and Engaging a Vision for Competitive Cities

Panel Discussion Forum

  • Tools & Strategies to Engage Employees at All Levels
  • The Importance of New FTC Green Marketing Guidelines
  • Key Elements of Fostering Innovation in the Workplace

How-To Workshop

  • Beyond Green: How Permaculture Principles Deepen Sustainable Practices
  • Catalyzing Transformative Engagement: Tools and Strategies from the Behavioral Sciences
  • No Compromise: Impact Investing and Shareholder Activism

Solutions Lab

  • Social Equity in Business: Case Studies from Women of Color
  • Closing the Waste Loop: Top Trends in Diversion Strategies

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