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Full 2017 Program Coming Soon

2017 Call for Speakers and Sessions is now closed.

Business Equity: Broadening Our Collective Narrative

Join us for this collaborative storytelling session presented by Travel Portland and the Portland Development Commission's Mercatus Collective. As the demographics of our region shift, community is the backbone of a good business environment. Learn from this leading group of ethnically diverse entrepreneurs in a variety of business sectors, showcasing their commitment to resiliency and a sustainable future.

Opening Plenary - Driving Forward: A 10-Year Retrospective with Portland's Sustainable Business Leaders

Local leadership on climate is more important now than ever. In GoGreen's tenth year, now is the perfect time to celebrate our community's victories and double down on our strengths. It's also a crucial time to take an unfiltered look at our greatest needs and opportunities. This session brings together some of the region's foremost sustainability leaders to give us their no holds barred perspective and mobilize our green business community.

Culture of Collaboration: An Employee Engagement Workshop | 1:15-3:45pm

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Part 1: Culture Culture Culture
Many organizational initiatives never realize their full potential because cultural factors are not factored into the implementation process. Lean is often misunderstood as simply a set of tools for improved workflow. However, Lean is first and foremost an employee engagement program that requires a deeper embrace and integration into the organization's culture. A key cultural characteristic often lacking is true collaboration--collaboration across departments and between management and employees. Drawing upon science-based best practices, this workshop aims to help participants understand the general concept of organizational culture, see organizational culture more clearly, understand practices for creating a stronger culture of collaboration, and practice personal skills to be a better collaborator.

Part 2: Lean & Green Workflow Improvement: The 8 Wastes
No business or individual is immune to waste and inefficiency. Waste can be spotted across all business sectors and industries, in physical workspaces, during customer interactions, on the production line, inventory management, in the back office, and in individual workflow practices. To offset and better manage waste, lean process improvement initiatives have gained popularity. The focus of such initiatives are to reduce non-value added activities (i.e. anything the customer is not willing to pay for) while improving efficiencies and overall product and service quality. Removing these wastes allow you and your organization to save money, and spend more time on value-added tasks, which helps grow your business. The goal is not to make people work harder and faster, but to make the processes easier and more effective.

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