GoGreen Portland 2013 Program

7:30am Registration and Networking
8:00-9:00am How do you create equitable and economically expedient outcomes in complex urban developments? Take a tour through two projects, The Multnomah County - East County Courts and the Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Federal Building, that carve the next frontier of the triple bottom line. We present two true success stories of collaborative solutions that designed and built high performing green building in Portland, Oregon. Learn how Integrated Project Delivery was utilized to achieve maximum performance, resource conservation and job-creation with a commitment to social equity to boot. The strategies and tools engaged in these projects can be replicated on future projects in Portland or any other location across the world.
Matthew Braun | Project Executive, Howard S. Wright
Jeremiah Dodson | Senior Project Manager, Howard S. Wright
9:00-9:15am Welcome: Marissa Madrigal | Multnomah County Chair
Introduction: Margie Harris | Executive Director, Energy Trust of Oregon
Sponsored By:
  Cheryl Myers | Director of Economic & Business Equity, Office of Governor John Kitzhaber
Agricultural droughts, wildfires, Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina, and the list goes on of torrential storms and devastating weather events that have recently afflicted the U.S. We are now being forced to recognize the implications of climate change and the imperative of making preventative decisions to avert the worst of the effects and prepare for those changes that cannot be avoided. As both a global and regional community, we are at a critical juncture when we need true leaders to be bold, take a stand and trail-blaze experimental but real solutions. In this opening plenary, meet four leaders who have left business-as-usual at the door to carve pioneering paths toward a restorative future.
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Introduction: Jennifer Allen | Director, Institute for Sustainable Solutions, Portland State University
Moderator: Ann Radil | Climate Scientist & Program Director, Nike's Sustainable Product Team
Michael Armstrong | Policy, Research and Innovation Manager, City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
Demi Espinoza | Coordinator, Coalition of Communities of Color & NAYA Family Center's Community/Economic Development
John Harland | Design for Environment Director, Intel Corporation
Justin Zeulner | Senior Director of Sustainability and Public Affairs, Portland Trail Blazers
10:15-10:45am Networking Break
The topic of equity is regularly proclaimed as a necessary driver for a more livable future, but do we agree on what that means or how equity advances the sustainability movement? To collectively succeed at improving our impact, we need everyone to have a seat at the table- across race, socio-economic status, education, political affiliation, or religion. In this solutions lab, regional leaders will guide you to dive deep into the concept of equity, reflect on the importance of messaging and explore strategies that have been used to engage diverse communities. We'll discuss effective ways in communicating, prioritizing and moving various parties toward both sustainable and inclusive outcomes.
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Introduction: Paul Ventura | Chair of Sustainable Business Programs, Marylhurst University
Moderator: Kim Powe | Director, Office of Sustainability, Multnomah County
Desiree Williams-Rajee | Equity Specialist, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
JR Lilly | Interim Executive Director, Wiconi International
Alan Hipólito | Executive Director, Verde
Whether you are a public organization, academic institution or business enterprise, you are charged with not only gathering, tracking and managing your sustainability data but putting it to meaningful use. There are a variety of tools to help you get your house in order, improve your operations, account for emissions, engage your stakeholders and more. But do the tools you've picked align with your sustainability strategy and put you on a holistically improved path? Learn about the tools different organizations have utilized to leverage their data management and set them apart as leaders.
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Introduction: Marsha Willard | Adjunct Faculty, Bainbridge Graduate Institute
Moderator: Derek Eisel | Director, Scope 5
Romana Cohen | Commercial Sector Project Manager, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
Emma Johnson | Resource Conservation Manager, City of Bellevue
Kristen Connor | Vice President & Client Service Officer, Capital Pacific Bank
Public & private partnerships have an important role to play in driving innovation, creating positive market change, and ensuring equity. The ingredients in the goods and products matter and are one place where strategic partnerships are molding the markets for change. Efforts are underway to drive greater transparency in the marketplace and safer, healthier materials and products from global product manufacturers. This session showcases the newest developments in these partnerships and how a coalition of local governments and institutions are partnering with green building industry leaders to drive innovation toward healthier and safer products. Learn about frameworks for impactful partnerships and the latest cutting edge tools and best practices for selecting safer, less toxic products.
Moderator: Colin Price | Director of Research and Market Innovation, Oregon Environmental Council
Peter Brandom | Sustainability Manager, City of Hillsboro
Sophia Cavalli | Supplier Diversity Officer, Multnomah County Purchasing
Casey Johnson Western Regional Manager, Forbo Flooring Systems
Steve Clem, AVS, LEED® AP BD+C | Vice President, Skanska USA Building
Amanda Sturgeon, FAIA | Vice President, Living Building Challenge
This think tank will bring multiple viewpoints together in a discussion about Oregon business and the bold actions that are needed to drive a thriving economy of reduced carbon emissions. Discussion veins will explore the opportunities and challenges businesses face expanding their performance and prosperity in a low-emissions economy with respect to policy formation, investment needs and joint alliances to maximize impact. The group will look for areas of cross-over, opportunity and collaboration to advance actions that will advantageously position the NW on a low carbon economic growth trajectory.
Facilitator: Brian Alfano | President, Venture Portland
Jeff Allen | Executive Director, Drive Oregon
Alisa Pyszka | Vice President of Recruitment & Expansion, Greater Portland Inc.
Martin Tull | Executive Director, Green Sports Alliance
Desiree Sideroff | VP of Product Management, Craft3
12:15-1:00pm Lunch
PECI employees will be the first to admit that we don't mind a little friendly competition from time to time. The PECI Green Team has taken advantage of that natural competitive streak to encourage its employees to adopt more sustainable behaviors. Come share your lunch with PECI to exchange stories and success about the value of healthy competition, rewards, and education techniques to jumpstart your green team and see long term behavior change.
Jami Walker | Program Manager and Green Team Chair, PECI
Kelly Merrick | Marketing Associate and Education Sub-Committee Chair, PECI
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EV Ride & Drive

Introduction: Robert Langford | Manager, Plug-In Vehicle Sales, American Honda
Introduction: Deane Funk | Manager, Local Government Affairs, Portland General Electric
Sponsored By:
  Mayor Charlie Hales, City of Portland
1:15-2:15pm Join us for our mid-day featured session of storytelling. We've brought together a carefully curated mix of voices that showcase first hand narratives from Oregon#39;s own best-in-class industries. Hand-picked business leaders act as storytellers who are letting their barriers down and exposing their passion for being the best and building a prosperous, sustainable Oregon economy.
  Emcee: Katrina Scotto Di Carlo | Founder, Supportland and Portland Made
  Sarah Curtis-Fawley | Founder, Pacific Pie Company
  Dana Hinger | Owner, Spooltown
  Nikos Ridge | Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Ninkasi Brewing Company
  Sara Tunstall | Founder, Spooltown
  Kjell van Zoen | Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Plywerk
The Oregon Convention Center has won many accolades for their innovative steps in leading the industry in Sustainability. Please join us for a behind the scenes tour of the facility. The tours includes an onsite learning experience that highlights our achievements as a LEED Certified Existing Building, our ongoing commitment to energy conservation and efficiency, highlighting recent facility retro-fit projects, and our ability to effectively divert waste generation through our extensive composting, recycling, and donation programs. *Space is limited, please RSVP when purchasing your GoGreen conference ticket
*Space is Limited
2:15-2:30pm Networking Break
How does equity translate into improved organizational and business performance? Inviting business, non-profit and governmental leaders, this high-powered panel discussion showcases a mix of case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of putting equity at the forefront of organizational operations. Speakers will reveal how accounting for equity at the beginning of projects helps enterprises achieve multiple goals, yield a better and longer lasting end product and attain enhanced performance. Discover how vetted business practices are emerging across sector and scale and how this under-realized ingredient can be a great business decision.
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Introduction: David Thompson | General Counsel & Vice President, Membership & Small Business, Portland Business Alliance
Moderator: Cheryl Myers | Director of Economic & Business Equity, Office of Governor John Kitzhaber
Sam Brooks | Chair, Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs
Jan Mason | Senior Associate & Director of Marketing, Mackenzie
Carl Talton | Chief Executive Officer & President, Portland Family of Funds
Often sustainability action plans are so robust that decision-makers are overwhelmed with options during implementation. Understanding that too many actions can be difficult to prioritize, the City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) and the Portland Sustainability Institute (PoSI) developed a spreadsheet tool to help organizations collaborate internally on ranking projects. Through consensus-based team discussions and decisions, the Project Prioritization Matrix balances environmental, economic and social impact with project feasibility. Whether you are a green team leader, business owner, operations specialist or engineer, this hands-on workshop will guide you through the process of identifying a list of potential projects, selecting criteria for evaluating feasibility and using the tool to assign scores collectively. You will leave with a strategic list of prioritized action items to implement your sustainability plan.
Moderator: Vinh Mason | Green Buildiing Policy Coordinator, Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
Sarah Heinicke | Executive Director, Lloyd EcoDistrict
There is a new category of responsible business on the scene: the B Corporation. Today there are 786 B Corps certified across the globe and more than 7,000 businesses using the free B Impact Assessment tool. This tool helps you make sense of your social and environmental performance ranging from water and energy use to your business model, and community support. Joining the ranks of certified B Corps may be the stamp of approval to put your company in a class above the rest. But is it right for you? How valuable is the tool versus full certification? Will it boost your business' competitiveness? This session brings you a mix of four very candid and diverse B Corps to help you explore the next wave of responsible business and what it means for you.
Moderator: Eric Friedenwald-Fishman | Creative Director & Founder, Metropolitan Group
Wendy Collie | President & Chief Executive Officer, New Seasons
Justin Yuen | Chief Executive Officer, FMYI
Kat Taylor | Chief Executive Officer, One PacificCoast Bank
Nik Blosser | Chief Executive Officer, Celilo Media Group
This think tank session will expand on the conversations launched earlier in the day to explore how Oregon business leaders can grow their businesses and the regional economy equitably. In order to envision a low-carbon economic future, we must ensure it is built to equitably support human health and wellness. Can we put into action economic strategies that position human wellbeing at a net benefit rather than loss? Discussion veins will dive into areas of food accessibility, community design and cultural diversity to maximize business success with social equity in complementarity of economic vitality.
Facilitator: Ben Duncan | Health Equity Initiative Program Manager, Multnomah County Health Department
Tamara Kennedy-Hill | Director of Community Relations, Travel Portland
Berrin Erdogan | Professor of Management, Express Employment Professionals Endowed Professor, Portland State University
Mary Peveto | Founder, Neighbors for Clean Air
4:00-4:15pm Networking Break
4:15-5:00pmClosing Special Presentation
  Mark Mykleby | Senior Fellow, Smart Strategy Initiative, New America Foundation
5:00pm Networking Reception

Leadership Think Tank Track
Some of Oregon's most forward thinking leaders will gather for an interactive and participatory leadership think tank. This track is for champions who are ready to dive into conversations that bring diverse perspectives together and tackle the real challenges facing the sustainable economy in the state of Oregon. With a mix of roundtables and full group discussion, the primary emphasis is to utilize attendee expertise to develop opportunities for collaboration both within the conference and beyond.

How-To Workshop Track
This track will feature how-to workshops that are information-intensive and aimed to provide tactical knowledge of business fundamentals and actionable next steps to advance sustainable operations and practices in your organization. Attendees will engage in direct Q&A with the session leaders and leave with a list of tools and resources and action plans in hand.

Solutions Lab Track
These labs are interactive learning environments with specialized topics to explore issues in greater depth. They are a chance for attendees to experiment with creative thinking and experience the application of new ideas to their own organizations. We welcome all attendees to be active participants and prepared to share their experiences toward peer-to-peer idea exchange and the creation of working solutions.

Advancing Equity and Economic Vitality Track
We are proud to feature a line-up of classically styled GoGreen panel sessions with Portland regional powerhouse speakers. This track showcases a mix of voices from across sectors discussing the interface of social equity and economic vitality in action.

GoGreen Portland Gold Certified Sustainability at Work Businesses

Travel Portland
Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
Celilo Group Media

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